Münzwechsler - coin mechs

3x NRI G46 MDB!

Set in €uro!

3x NRI G46 MDB! Set in €uro!

2x NRI G26 BDV!

Set in €uro!

2x NRI G26 BDV! Set in €uro!

2x Coinco Quantum MDB!

Set in €uro!

2x Coinco Quantum MDB! Set in €uro!

2x Coinco MDB plus!

Set in €uro!

2x Coinco MDB plus! Set in €uro!

12x Coinco Guardian 6000 mdb!
Set in British Pound!

12x Coinco Guardian 6000 mdb! Set in British Pound!

1x Coges electronic credit system - incl. original DVD!

1x Coges electronic credit system! incl. original DVD!

---> All coin mechs/coin acceptors/programming tools untested/uncleaned!

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